How exciting is November?

I know. Same with me, normally, but this year is different.
It was exciting enough to have two works selected for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries, at this stage in my art practice, having only this year taken the major step of going full time.

Arriving at the PV, I found that this year’s show was excellent: full of high quality work across a range of approaches and genres; traditional, contemporary, abstract, figurative, conceptual. . I also found a red dot on my painting HURRY. Happy days.

And then my inkjet print STREET SCENE I, won the St Cuthberts Mill Award for a work on paper. This British company make beautiful printing and watercolour papers including inkjet-ready papers which I have used in my practice from the outset, so it is particularly pleasing to receive the award in this form.

HURRY and STREET SCENE I at the Discerning Eye (Alison Lumb)

The PV was an uplifting event - and not only because of the prize and the red dot on my painting HURRY. I admired so much of the work in what is a huge show, but here are a just a few of my favourites, all featured in the Discerning Eye onlinegallery if you are in browsing mood:

Graham Martin
Richard Twose
Joan Doerr
Rosey Prince
Daryl Balcombe
Stephen Palmer
Kitty Stirling
Marguerite Horner
Shelley Tregoning

ING Discerning Eye 2015 at the Mall Galleries

The impression was that everyone involved was passionate about art, and about sharing it with everyone beyond the art world.

Also this month, my work has been accepted for the new online print gallery printsolo...recently established by artist Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco. This is a curated site, and the quality of the work is impressive. I am delighted to be in such good company.