about my work

My work is driven by an interest in human psychology and perception; in particular how we register, construct and re-invent our world with a mix of what is out there and what is remembered, desired or feared.

Some of my work explores how we relate to one another as we make our way through our environment. Occasionally there is a faint hint of potential narrative, but it is always open to individual interpretation.

My figurative work has been described as ‘snapshots from dreams’ and the figures which appear in some of them as ‘characters waiting to be given their lines.’

Recently I have been drawn towards the concept of the liminal – those moments and places which enable us to enter a state in which the world and time are held in suspension, and we slip loose from our conscious sense of self and identity.

I work in a range of media: painting, screen print, monoprint and digital printmaking. I often work in more than one of these media, going back and forth as the work evolves. I find that the fluidity and layering of this way of working suits the subject matter.

My work is in private and public collections. In 2015 I received the St Cuthbert’s Award for a work on paper in the Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. In 2017, my mini screen print PLAY (above) entered the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection as part of a box set of work by the UK Printmakers’ Council. In July 2019 I became a member of Southbank Printmakers, a gallery alongside the Thames at Gabriel's Wharf in central London.

A range of my prints are permanently available there.


Alison Lumb

I have been interviewed by my colleague at Southbank Printmakers, Andrea Robinson. You can find the interview here